Senin, 07 Januari 2013

Idol & his/her Manager ♥

Lets see !! They are really cool & handsome like his artist

Prince Manager - Super Junior

Minhyuk with his Manager Hyung - BTOB
BTOB's Manager Hyung

Dongwoon with his Manager Hyung - B2ST

Manager Oppa - SNSD

Snoopy Manager Hyung _ EXO-M

Manager Hyung_ EXO-K

Lee Sung Gi with his Manager

IU with her Manager Oppa

MBLAQ's Manager

Manager Hyung- 2PM

Teen Top's Manager

Onew with his Manager Hyung - SHINee

SHINHWA's Manager

Kevin With Manager Hyung _ U-KISS

KIM HYUN JOONG - Bodyguard (?)

okay!! i love them .. they're really cool & handsome !!!

source :, @Kpopersngakak

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