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Starting from Seoul in March, SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW5’ will be held in South America and Europe as well as Asia including China, Japan, etc.


Date: March 23rd ~ 24th

Venue: Gymnastics Stadium in Olympic Park, Seoul

Tickets will be available at Gmarket (http://ticket.gmarket.co.kr/) from Feb. 27th at 8:00 p.m.

The concert tour package will also be sold at (http://sj.smtowntravel.com/) from Feb. 18th.

are you excited ? lets pray they will come to INA ELF !!!


[PIC NEWS] 130215 INFINITE Sunggyu, Seongyeol & Myungsoo Graduation ceremony

Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Hoya, Seongyeol, Myungsoo's graduation book !!

SG, SY & L receiving the ‘Proud Daekyung University Student’ awards!!!

Fantaken Infinite Graduation photos ..

** Hoya and Dongwoo can’t attend due to their own schedule. T.T

So Proud to our boys ~

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[INFO] SHINee's New Album "Dream Girl"

Album ketiga SHINee dijadwalkan akan dirilis secara fisik pada tanggal 20 Februari (dan digital pada tanggal 18 Februari).
Lagu ini diproduseri oleh Shin Hyuk, co-produser dari One Less Loney Girl Justin Bieber, wow!
Dalam 'Dream Girl' setiap member berpartisipasi, Onew dan Jonghyun menulis lirik, Minho dan Key membuat bagian rap dan Taemin membuat koreografi dance.

Album 'Dream Girl' dibagi menjadi 2 bagian: Chapter 1 (full album) dan Chapter 2 (repackage album). Album Dream Girl chapter pertama akan dirilis pada 20 Februari sementara chapter kedua (repackage album) akan dirilis pada bulan April.

Chapter 1: Dream Girl - The Misconception of You
Chapter 2: Dream Girl - The Misconception of Me

Track List:
Punch-drunk Love
Talking Aside (방백)
Beautiful (아름다워)
It's You
Dream Girl, dan satu lagi

Lagu berjudul Spoiler akan mengungkap judul lagu lainnya, lirik lagu ini diciptakan oleh Jonghyun. Judul lagu di Spoiler termasuk Dream Girl, Hitchhiking, Punch-drunk Love, Talking Aside, Beautiful, Girls Girls Girls, dan Runaway.

Woowww Excited ???

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130214 Five INFINITE members, Daekyung University “Graduation Hat”


7-members idol group, INFINITE’s 5 members who admitted to Daekyung University in 2011 will graduate on 15th. The owners of the graduation hats are the members of INFINITE who are studying Applied Music programme, Kim Sung Kyu(25), L(22), Sungyeol(23), Hoya(23) and Dongwoo(24).

They admitted to the University with special admission in 2011. As their first choice of wish list was the same university and same programme at that time, this became a hot issue.
Although they have busy schedule, they still take some time to finish the professional programme. They had attended the exams, actively spending their time in campus.

On the other hand, INFINITE members have rich experience on the stage so they share their precious experience about vocal and dance with the juniors.
“Popular idol group members choose Daekyung University together and finally graduated. I hope INFINITE can be a idol group who helps to enhance the honor of the university.Now, we award them the name of “Daekyung Univeristy students who make us proud of” .” Kim Keon Pyo, professor of Daekyung University said.

Besides, Kim Sung Kyu, Sungyeol and L will be the representatives of the graduation ceremony this time. INFINITE-H members, Hoya and Dongwoo can’t attend due to their own schedule.


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OUT !!! Yoseop Yang (양요섭) - 그래도 나는 (Although I) (Official Music Video)

It is a great idea that every Valentine's Day .. BEAST has their own special MV
MV special Valentine's Day  kkk~

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[PHOTOS] Woohyun celebrated his bday with Key SHINee and model Park Hyeongseob

woohooo Bestfriend Gathering !!!
Happy Birthday Nam Woohyun ~
#HappyTwentyTreeDay ^^

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EXO’s new album tracklist LOL

well,, Let's see !!!

  1. - I am the manliest (Luhan ft. SHINee’s Taemin)

  2. - I wanna take a ride on your wushu stick (Kris solo)

  3. - Not gay

  4. - Papa (Mama answer)

  5. - Bbuing Bbuing (sehun solo)

  6. - Strip (cover by Kai)

  7. - Year 3000: the comeback

  8. - Forever young

  9. - See you in another 3000 years


RLAB!! XD /dead/

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[TEASER PHOTO] SHINee’s Jonghyun – Dream Girl


SHINee will release the 3rd regular album titled “Dream Girl” on Feb 19th, 2013! OMG Cool guy!! yeah Jonghyun really cool here !!

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OUT !!! [Teaser] NU'EST(뉴이스트) - 2nd mini album '여보세요'


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Woollim Released INFINITE Character Competition

Click Here !!!

INFINITE Character Competition
Submissions : 2/8 ~ 3/7
Announcement : 3/12
Character Event Reward
1st Place: 1,000,000 won / 2nd Place: 500,000 won / 3rd Place: 300,000 won
*currency is approximate
Special Reward Nexus 7 tablets to 7 lucky winners

 That so cool !!!
INSPIRIT  are you interest  ?

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OUT !!! B.A.P - ONE SHOT teaser



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[PHOTOS] Actor Yeo Jin Goo's Graduation

OMG Yeo Jin Goo will be a High School student now? o,O  Not a chance. He has a handsome face, I almost fainted because of a high school student,  I hope he continues to grow well. ^^

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[FANACCOUNT] 130207 Sehun Graduation

a classmate sitting next to sehun yesterday said he called his hyungs after calling his parents. Sehun said cutely to his hyung over the phone "I've graduated!" and then said something else. Sehun on the phone:"Then I want to eat pork & fried rice cake! Hyung, wait with Yixing-hyung for me to come home, I'll show you my diploma!"

credits for what sehun was talking over the phone to //kris// goes to sehun's classmate sitting next to him yesterday lol

thehun-aahh you are so cute .. I wanna eat together with you, and Kriss of course ><

cc :  EXO-PLANET直播室 trans by dowajwoyo :)

[TEASER PHOTO] SHINee's Taemin - Dream Girl

SHINee will release the 3rd regular album titled "Dream Girl" on Feb 19th, 2013! OMG Taemin so handsome here !!! ><
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