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130214 Five INFINITE members, Daekyung University “Graduation Hat”


7-members idol group, INFINITE’s 5 members who admitted to Daekyung University in 2011 will graduate on 15th. The owners of the graduation hats are the members of INFINITE who are studying Applied Music programme, Kim Sung Kyu(25), L(22), Sungyeol(23), Hoya(23) and Dongwoo(24).

They admitted to the University with special admission in 2011. As their first choice of wish list was the same university and same programme at that time, this became a hot issue.
Although they have busy schedule, they still take some time to finish the professional programme. They had attended the exams, actively spending their time in campus.

On the other hand, INFINITE members have rich experience on the stage so they share their precious experience about vocal and dance with the juniors.
“Popular idol group members choose Daekyung University together and finally graduated. I hope INFINITE can be a idol group who helps to enhance the honor of the university.Now, we award them the name of “Daekyung Univeristy students who make us proud of” .” Kim Keon Pyo, professor of Daekyung University said.

Besides, Kim Sung Kyu, Sungyeol and L will be the representatives of the graduation ceremony this time. INFINITE-H members, Hoya and Dongwoo can’t attend due to their own schedule.


source: naver
Translated by Tracy for INFINITE7SOU.COM, take out with full credit
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